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10 Must-Have Couple Poses For A Timeless Wedding Album

BY Soundarya Athimuthu | 28 May, 2024 | 832 views | 5 min read

They say marriage is like hitting the 'play' button on a lifelong love story. It's that magical moment where two souls hit the dance floor of life, vowing to tango through thick and thin. But here's the kicker – it's the photos that turn those lovely moments into timeless tales. Dive into our curated list of 10 poses, turning your wedding album into a kaleidoscope of everlasting memories. Because every 'I do' deserves a snapshot that whispers, 'Remember this forever!'

Mangalsutra Moments: Before and After Tying the Knot

ashok selvan keerthy pandian mangalyam thaali wedding poses mangalsutra ashok selvan keerthy pandian mangalyam thaali wedding poses mangalsutra

Image via @ashokselvan

Experience the transformative journey with captivating images before and after the tying of the sacred Mangalyam or Thaali (commonly known as the Mangalsutra), immortalizing the moments leading to a new chapter in life.

Sweet Sway: Smitten in Love

smitten in love bride groom wedding pose smitten in love bride groom wedding pose

Image via @ff_weddingz

In the dance of love, caught in the magic of the moment, the bride is all heart-eyes and giggles, utterly smitten, melting into the groom's embrace. With a love-soaked sigh, she leans into his shoulders, lost in the enchantment of their shared journey.

Romantic Reflections: A Timeless Tale of Mirrored Love

wedding pose mirror shadow reflection bride groom

Image via Wevaphotography

What a captivating capture, resembling a poem framed within a picture. The couple's mirror reflections intertwine, symbolizing the seamless merging of two souls in a timeless and enchanting love story.

Holding Hands, Forever Bound

holding hands wedding pose holding hands wedding pose

Image via @weddingbellsphotography

The timeless pose of intertwined hands, a symbol of everlasting togetherness. Capture the electric energy as your hands meet, promising to tackle life's highs and lows together.

Hands of Destiny: No fortune teller needed!

fortune hands weddding pose

Image via@light_chamber

In a gaze that transcends words, this couple's hands tell a tale of destiny inscribed with love. With smiles that whisper of a predetermined joy, they affirm that their fortune was sealed the day they chose to tie the knot.

Pop the Playful Love Balloon

Image via @keralaweddingstyles

A cheeky pose where the bride pouts with an air-filled mouth, creating a playful balloon of love. The groom, with a mischievous grin, attempts to pop the 'love bubble' with his hands, capturing a whimsical moment of joy and connection between the newlyweds. I'm sure you would want to try this!

Mangalsutra Unveiled: Officially United

Image via @saycheesemy.infocus

Time to sparkle and shine! Flaunt that sacred Mangalsutra like it's a red-carpet moment – because, hey, you're officially the power couple now! Announce it to the world Mr. Husband and Mrs. Wife.

Envy in Glances: Eyes Only for You

Image via @dream_n_capture bridesmaid

Freeze the groom's gaze, captivated by the bride, while others look on with jealousy. It's the kind of look that says, "Yeah, we know we're cute, and you wish you were us!"

Starry-Eyed Promises

arundhathi natchathiram photo couple pose

arundhathi natchathiram photo couple pose

Image via RVR PRO★ 5

In this magical snapshot of the Arundhati Nakshatram ritual, the groom playfully points out the cosmic dance of Vashista and Arundhati to his bride. Amidst laughter and starry gazes, their love story begins, where celestial symbols intertwine with earthly joy, creating a timeless bond under the twinkling embrace of tradition.

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Silly Grins & Nose Pin Wins

wedding pose nose pin touching

Image viaMagic Wand Production★ 5

Caught in a moment of pure joy, the groom's playful touch on the bride's nose pin sparks infectious laughter, painting a picture of love that thrives in the simplicity of shared smiles and delightful quirks.

Love and Laughter Trying to Win Over Each Other

Image via @yogiirepalephotography

Spice up your album with a cool pose capturing fun challenges in traditional competitions. Capture the love and laughter as you playfully compete – it doesn’t matter who wins because both of you are gifted with a lifetime of love!

Cheeky Love Seal: A Peekaboo Kiss

wedding pose kiss bride groom

Image via @Pinterest

Sneak in a kiss from behind, like a mischievous game of peekaboo. It's the kind of smooch that seals the deal – and leaves everyone saying, "Aww!"

Gazing into Forever: Eyes Locked

Image via @priveena

Lose yourselves in a timeless pose, gazing into each other's eyes, a powerful expression of the deep connection. It's a star-crossed stare that speaks volumes without saying a word.

Lap of Love: Sitting Pretty and Feeling Pretty safe

bride groom on lap marriage wedding pose

Image via @angalakruthi

A moment of tenderness as your partner sits on your lap – it's the lap of love! Feeling safe, secure, and totally adored. It's like a romantic throne for your queen or king.

Eyes Closed, Hearts Open, and Love So Deep

Image via @vengka_desh_saycheesemy

Capture the closeness and serenity in an intimate pose, revealing the eternal love you share for each other. It doesn't need to be a lip lock. It's close enough to have everyone saying, "Whoa, that's some next-level romance!

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A Stroll through Love's Canopy

mandapam wedding pose

Image via

The bride and groom traverse the aisle, framed by the intricate details of the mandap backdrop. A snapshot of eternal union, where love meets artistry beneath a canopy of timeless beauty.

Multifold Love: Saree Knots & Heartstrings

wedding pose groom helping bride saree folds

Image via @weddingelementsphotography

The groom, on bended knee, weaves more than just saree folds—he stitches a moment of love, care, and partnership, crafting a beautiful story of their journey together.

Ready to transform your wedding into an album of everlasting magic? Go ahead, freeze time and capture unforgettable moments that will tell your unique love story for a lifetime!

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