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Christian Weddings India - Rituals, Ceremonies & Vows

BY Soundarya Athimuthu | 02 May, 2024 | 141 views | 9 min read

Weddings are more than just two people saying 'I do' – they're about love, commitment, and embarking on a new adventure together. Now, Christian weddings in India? They're like a colourful blend of Western influences like the bridal gown and ring exchange with Indian customs such as decking up vibrant floral decorations and timeless rituals.

A harmonious blend of religion and culture, Indian Christian weddings stand as beautiful tapestries woven with tradition and symbolism, with each ritual marking a significant step in the matrimonial voyage.

christian wedding saree

Image via Tessa and Vishnu

Christian Wedding Attire and Jewellery

Traditionally, the bridal gown takes canter stage, with its ethereal white or ivory hues adorned with intricate lace, embroidery, and embellishments, symbolizing purity and grace. It’s a mesmerizing fusion of cultures—a harmonious union of East and West. Veils, symbolizing modesty and purity, add a touch of ethereal beauty to the ensemble.

Gown Glam: Western Whims

christian bride in gown

Image via daislebridals

Pure white is pure bliss, right?

christian wedding saree christian wedding saree christian wedding saree

Image via @jacksonjamesphotography

Aren't you awestruck too?

christian wedding saree

Image via @jacksonjamesphotography

A white mermaid bride vibe for sure!

christian wedding gown indian

Image via @magicmotionmedia

Stunning in grace, adorned in the elegance of lace. Beautiful!

christian wedding gown indian

Image via @vivekkrishnanphotography

This single frame beholds the symphony of silence and beauty, do you agree? Want a sneak peek into a fun Indian Christian wedding? Check out this beautiful video

Saree Splendour: Cultural Chic

However, in a beautiful blend of traditions, it's not uncommon to see brides embracing the elegance of a saree, infusing the ceremony with a touch of Indian heritage. 

Christian wedding saree Christian wedding saree Christian wedding saree christian wedding saree

Image via @jacksonjamesphotography

OMG, that's creamy and dreamy!

christian bride in sareechristian bride in saree

Image via @keralachristianbrides and

Shades of metallic silver and gold are perfect show stealers! 

christian wedding saree

Image via keralachristianbrides

Drifting in a pastel saree, she epitomizes the ethereal charm of a princess bride, doesn't she?

Could this destination wedding in Italy get any cuter? Check out the irresistible chemistry and the stunning bridal ensemble in this video.

Grooms, on the other hand, opt for classic suits or tuxedos, exuding sophistication and charm. Some south Indian Christian grooms especially from Kerala and Tamil Nadu don the silk dhotis and shirts to ace their wedding day look. The choice of attire often reflects their personal style, with some preferring traditional black suits while others opt for contemporary designs in shades of grey or navy blue.

Brides adorn themselves with intricately crafted jewellery, including delicate necklaces, earrings, and bangles, often passed down through generations as cherished heirlooms.

The wedding ring, a symbol of eternal love and commitment, holds a place of honour on the bride's finger. Grooms complement their attire with understated yet sophisticated jewellery, such as cufflinks, tie pins, and watches. These accessories add a touch of refinement to their ensemble, highlighting their impeccable style and attention to detail.

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The journey of a Christian wedding in India often begins with joyful anticipation and meticulous planning. Weeks before the big day, families come together to organize pre-wedding rituals such as engagement ceremonies and bridal showers. These events are marked by laughter, blessings, and the exchange of gifts, symbolizing the union of two families.

The Betrothal Ceremony

Let's kick things off with the ultimate starter pack to Christian marriage in India - the engagement ceremony! Think of it as a cozy get-together hosted by the bride's folks, where only the VIP squad of close family and friends make the cut. Cue the ring exchange - it's the moment where the lovebirds seal the deal with some serious bling! And hey, the excitement doesn't stop there; this big news gets broadcasted loud and clear in their local churches too! So, let the celebrations begin because it's time to ring in the love and kickstart this journey to "happily ever after"!

christian bridechristian bride

Image via D’Aisle Bridals and

Bridal Shower

A joyous celebration hosted in honour of the bride-to-be, filled with games, laughter, and gifts. It's a time for the bride's loved ones to shower her with gifts, love, and support as she prepares for her new life.

christian bride

Image via christianweddingstyles

Bachelorette Party

Who says the party's just for the brides? It's time for the groom and his gang to turn up the heat and bid farewell to bachelorhood in style! Imagine the groom and his posse embarking on a wild adventure - whether it's conquering thrilling sports or lounging on a beach with endless drinks in hand. The mission? To give the groom a breather from all the wedding madness and let loose like there's no tomorrow!

Roce Ceremony

roce ceremony christian wedding

Image via willsun_photography

Christian weddings have the auspicious "Roce Ceremony" akin to the Hindu haldi ceremony, where the bride and groom get drenched in a concoction of coconut milk, turmeric, sandalwood paste, herbs, and oil, a fragrant blessing that symbolizes purity and the start of their marital journey. It's like a tropical spa day, but with a whole lot more symbolism!

roce ceremony christian wedding roce ceremony christian wedding

Image via deepali.mahadik.77

Amidst laughter and merriment, eggs are cracked on heads, resembling an 'omelette station.' The yellow mixture, poured over the entourage, concludes with a feast and drinks, setting the stage for reciprocal pranks in the future. This holy bath usually is conducted a day before the wedding.

Chuddo Ceremony: A Symphony of Colors and Blessings

The Chuddo ceremony present in Goan Hindu and Christian weddings usually unfolds with the arrival of the kakonkar (bangle vendor) bearing glass bangles, a symbol of auspicious beginnings. The hues of red, green, white, and yellow adorn the bride-to-be, each colour holding its own significance. Placed before the altar, the bride decked in these bangles seeks divine blessings while local folk songs echo in the air, creating a joyous atmosphere.

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Wedding Ceremony

The wedding day dawns with an air of reverence and joy as families gather in churches adorned with flowers and candlelight. The ceremony, officiated by a priest or minister, begins with hymns, prayers, and scripture readings, setting a sacred tone for the exchange of vows.

christian bride groom wedding india

Image via christianweddingstyles

Image via D’Aisle Bridals

Exchange of Vows and Rings

As the bride walks down the aisle, accompanied by her father or a close family member, all eyes are on her radiant beauty. The groom awaits her at the altar, his heart brimming with love and anticipation. The exchange of vows and rings symbolizes their commitment to love, honor, and cherish each other for eternity. After exchanging their solemn wedding vows, the priest poses a timeless question to the bride and groom: "Do you vow to love and cherish each other in both health and sickness, for as long as you both shall live?" With heartfelt affirmations of "I Do" from the consenting couple, the priest joyfully declares them husband and wife. In a moment brimming with love and anticipation, the newlyweds seal their union with a tender kiss, marking the beginning of their journey together in wedded bliss.

christian bride groom wedding india

Image via D’Aisle Bridals

christian bride groom wedding india

Image via Pinterest

Holy Communion

In some Christian denominations, the wedding ceremony may include the sharing of Holy Communion, where the bride and groom partake of the bread and wine, symbolizing their union with each other and with God.

Unity of Candle Ceremony

In Indian Christian weddings, the lighting of the unity candle holds a special significance. The bride and groom each hold a candle, representing their individual lives and families. Together, they light a single candle, symbolizing the merging of their lives into one unified journey.

christian bride groom wedding india

Image via nickjonas

Thali or Minnu Ceremony

Christian weddings in some regions of South India have the Thali or Minnu ceremony. This is equivalent to the exchange of rings in Western weddings. A sacred thread or chain with a pendant called "Thali" or "Minnu" is tied around the bride's neck by the groom, symbolizing their union. In Christian weddings in South India, this ceremony doesn't typically involve the same cultural or religious significance as the Thali ceremony in Hindu weddings. Instead, it symbolizes the couple's commitment to each other within the context of Christian marriage traditions.

Throwing off the Bouquet

The bride gracefully tosses her bouquet into the awaiting crowd without peeking back. It's an enchanting moment as hopeful eyes follow its flight, each guest secretly wishing to be the lucky recipient. For whoever catches this floral treasure is said to be destined for marriage next, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to the celebration. 

christian bride groom wedding india

Image via sandra_therese_xavier

Post-wedding Rituals

Following the solemnization of vows, the newlyweds embark on a journey of celebration and merriment. Post-wedding rituals vary among Indian Christian communities, with some traditions including the exchange of garlands, blessings from elders, and the breaking of bread—a symbol of sharing and abundance. These rituals underscore the importance of family, community, and faith in the newlyweds' lives.

Wedding Reception

Time to kick off the grand finale – the Wedding Reception! It's not just a party; it's the crescendo, the peak of celebration. Imagine a place decked out in stunning decorations, tunes filling the air, scrumptious bites tempting taste buds, and everyone kicking up their heels on the dance floor. This is the moment where memories are made, laughter echoes, and the newlyweds bask in the glow of an unforgettable night! A grand affair filled with music, dance, and sumptuous feasts, brings together family and friends to rejoice in the couple's happiness.

christian bride groom wedding india

Image via Pinterest

Toasting in Christian Weddings

Image via Nikita and Elijah

What’s the most heartwarming part of the wedding reception where the spotlight shifts from the dance floor to the microphone? That's right, it's time for toasts! Grab your glass and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as family members and friends step up to share their love and well-wishes for the newlyweds. Imagine Uncle Paul, with his trademark humour, cracking jokes about the groom's embarrassing childhood stories while everyone chuckles and the bride blushes. Then comes Aunt Mary, with tears glistening in her eyes, as she reminisces about the time, she first held the bride in her arms and shares heartfelt blessings for their future together. But wait, it's not just the relatives who get to share the love! Friends from near and far take turns raising their glasses, offering words of encouragement, and maybe even a few embarrassing anecdotes from college days. Amidst the laughter, tears, and clinking of glasses, the toasts create a magical moment where love and joy overflow, setting the tone for a night filled with unforgettable memories. 


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