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From Classics to Chart-Toppers: Here's Your Curated Tamil Wedding Playlist!

BY Soundarya Athimuthu | 05 Jun, 2024 | 881 views | 6 min read

So, imagine this: you're at a Tamil wedding. The air is buzzing with excitement, the aroma of delicious food fills the venue, and you can feel the energy building. But what's really setting the tone, what's getting everyone's feet tapping and smiles spreading from ear to ear? It's the music! From the moment you step in, you're greeted with this infectious blend of traditional tunes and modern hits that just grabs hold of your soul and doesn't let go. Get ready to turn up the fun at your wedding with these awesome tunes that'll have everyone dancing and celebrating all night!

Image via Apoorva and Akshay

Kaavaalaa From Jailer

Alright, you're busy eating a sumptuous meal at a South Indian wedding when suddenly, this iconic Rajinikanth tune blasts through the speakers. You know what happens next? You leave your food and rush to the dance floor as the entire crowd goes wild! It's perfect for kicking off any wedding ceremony with a bang!

tamil kaavala song rajinikanth tamannah wedding songs

Image via Sun Pictures

Jimikki Ponnu From Thalapathy Vijay's Varisu

Ah, the super hit Jimikki Ponnu! Whether it's the mehendi ceremony or the sangeet night, this song sets the perfect vibe for some serious dancing and bonding with your squad!

Katchi Sera by Sai Abhyankkar

You know it's about to go down when Katchi Sera starts playing! This funky track is like a burst of energy that'll have everyone shaking a leg, from the youngsters to the aunties and uncles. It's the ultimate mood lifter for any South Indian wedding!

Tum Tum From Enemy

Remember "Tum Tum"? This song became a viral sensation across India, turning into the ultimate anthem played by everyone, everywhere at all kinds of celebrations! It's perfect for the reception party or even the grand entrance of the bride and groom!

Unakku Thaan - Chithha

Unakku Thaan is pure magic! Originally dedicated by an uncle to his niece, this song went viral as couples embraced it, celebrating their nurturing love for each other like parents. It's a song that'll tug at your heartstrings and leave everyone feeling emotional in the best way possible!

Thaai Kelavi From Dhanush and Nithya Menen's Thiruchitrambalam

Anirudh makes magic happen with Thaai Kelavi! This song is like a warm hug for your ears, and it's ideal for those cheeky fun moments during the wedding ceremony. You can almost feel the peppiness radiating through every note!

Urugi Urugi From Joe

Get ready to catch some feels with Urugi Urugi! This soulful melody is like a love potion that'll sweep you off your feet. It's perfect for those intimate moments during the wedding rituals or even the couple's first melodic sway!

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Naan Gaali From Good Night

Taking a sly dig at the bride, Naan Gaali song is as though the groom is ranting about how his life has turned upside down after falling in love with her. With its catchy beat and infectious energy, this song is guaranteed to get everyone on their feet and grooving. It's the perfect addition to any post-wedding celebration or late-night dance session!

Ae Pulla From Lal Salaam 

This peppy song is like a love letter set to music, and it's perfect for expressing your heartfelt emotions with a pop of excitement during the wedding vows or even the exchange of rings.

Kangal Edho - Chithha

Kangal Edho is like a breath of fresh air! With its melodious tune and heartwarming lyrics, this song is perfect for those romantic moments during the wedding ceremony or even the couple's first walk down the aisle. It's guaranteed to leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside!

Naan Pizhai From Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal

That’s some magical chemistry. It’s the perfect romantic ballad to serenade the newlyweds during their first dance or any heartfelt moment!

naan pizhai nayanthara romantic wedding songs

Image via Pinterest

Idhuthaanaa From Vikram and Trisha starrer Saami

That's a classic! A timeless love song that brings a nostalgic, romantic vibe to your wedding, perfect for the 'Pon Paarkum' ceremony, where the groom and his family are officially invited to the bride's house to share their proposal and discuss the matching prospects.

Neeyum Naanum Anbe from Imaikkaa Nodigal

It's a soulful track that beautifully captures the essence of love, ideal for the couple’s touching slideshow. What do you think?

Mangalyam from Eeswaran

The perfect song for the mangalsutra ceremony. Tying the knot can't get more special without this song.

Aaha Kalyanam From Petta

When Aaha Kalyanam plays, you know the celebration is in full swing! The ultimate choice for the reception party, ensuring everyone hits the dance floor.

Meherezylaa from Maanaadu

A divinely electrifying track to elevate the energy at your wedding. Do you agree? It's an absolute must-have on your wedding playlist.

 En Jeevan From Atlee's Theri

Picture this: dancing under the stars with 'En Jeevan' from 'Theri' playing in the background. It's not just a song; it's a love story waiting to happen at your wedding. Trust me, this one's a heart-stealer! It epitomizes wedding romance, weaving emotions and melodies seamlessly. It's soul-stirring lyrics and enchanting music, sets the perfect backdrop for love to blossom on your special day. 

Kadhale Kadhale From Indru Nettru Naalai

Picture "Kadhale Kadhale" from Indru Netru Naalai filling the air as you stand on your wedding stage, a testament to the love that has triumphed over countless hardships. Its soulful melody and heartfelt lyrics perfectly capture your journey, celebrating the resilience of your love and the joy of finally being together despite all odds. 

Aathi Ena Nee From Kaththi 

That's a fun fusion of folk and contemporary beats, perfect for adding a unique flavour to the wedding celebration.

Otha Sollaala from Taapsee Pannu's Aadukalam

GV Prakash's modern take on traditional folk beats! You must play this song at your wedding for it will certainly keep the energy levels high.

Thalli Pogathey from STR's Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada

That's a soulful yet peppy track that adds a touch of uncontrollable romance. Certainly, it will make everyone blush if the groom sings it while he goes on his knees to propose to the bride.

simbu silambarasan thalli pogadhey str manjima mohan gautham vasudev menon song

Image via Pinterest

Nooru Varusham from Panakkaran

Missing out on 'Nooru Varusham' from 'Panakkaran'? It's practically a crime! This timeless track is a mandatory staple of any South Indian wedding celebration, adding nostalgia and romance in every note.


Which song would you play first? 


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